Humans of MLEC: Moving to a New Country

Melissa Noda
Cambridge-Global Studies

“It all started when my uncle came from Cuba on a boat–he spent three days in the sea–and then he came here… five years passed and he became a citizen and claimed my dad. By then my dad was already married to my mom and they had me, too, so two years after he claimed us, we did the interview and all it was accepted, so five months later it was time for us to come here. Continue reading “Humans of MLEC: Moving to a New Country”


Photography: Throwback to my Birthday

Just some pictures that I took on my birthday last year.

Photo Journal: Spain’s Magnificence

On June 18, 2018, I had the chance to go to Spain after having begged my mom for more than 9 years to take me there. My whole life, I felt as though Spain formed a part of me since I was almost born there at some point. Growing up, Continue reading “Photo Journal: Spain’s Magnificence”