An Awaited Birthday

It’s exactly 11:30pm when I glance at the top of my phone where it indicates the current time. Only thirty more minutes.

The time has finally come. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was four and my family has been anticipating it with equal excitement since I was born. It’s a lot to take in.

Turning fifteen won’t be an easy thing. Why you ask? Because it changes everything. Continue reading “An Awaited Birthday”


Music Turned Into Writing: I don’t want to be you anymore

I’ve always wanted to be the star of the show. It might sound narcissistic but, honestly, being the main focus of everything always felt really good and right—like it was meant to be for me. Growing up I had everything to make it possible for me to stand out: the personality, the charisma, what my teachers called the ‘spark’, the talents, the easygoing nature, etc. So, it was never hard for me to fit in anywhere and always have massive crowds of people after or with me at all times. Continue reading “Music Turned Into Writing: I don’t want to be you anymore”

The sea

When I think about how my life used to be when I was a child, the first thing that comes to mind is that sacred place in which I spent most of my earliest days alive: the sea. The thrilling and yet peace-inducing waves that would carry my body from side to side seem to be one of the sea’s features that I reminisce whenever I’m near said place. Continue reading “The sea”

A Series Of Fortunate Vignettes

Vignette: a small impressionistic scene, an illustration, a descriptive passage, a short essay, a fiction or nonfiction work focusing on one particular moment; or giving an impression about an idea, character, setting, mood, aspect, or object.

Being fourteen is more than just going through one more of the “angsty and rebellious” years of your life. Being fourteen means Continue reading “A Series Of Fortunate Vignettes”

“Remember and recover, not forgive and forget”: A Series Of Sleep-Deprived-Karla’s Thoughts

It’s so hard to have everything around you shift. Having to surround yourself with unfamiliar things and feelings; trying to minimize one of your biggest causes of pain. But as people say, “To heal a wound you need to stop touching it,” so that’s what I’ll do. That’ll be my most cherished goal at the moment, and I will succeed to accomplish it and work to learn how to move on and cease to Continue reading ““Remember and recover, not forgive and forget”: A Series Of Sleep-Deprived-Karla’s Thoughts”

‘The Beauty Behind Poetry’s Depth’ Series: Part 3

Hanging in There

I am fourteen

And the hunger for rebellion

Sparks within my entire being.

Surrounded by familiar faces

That just look the other way;

Floating through fields of empty promises Continue reading “‘The Beauty Behind Poetry’s Depth’ Series: Part 3”