Music Turned Into Writing: I don’t want to be you anymore

I’ve always wanted to be the star of the show. It might sound narcissistic but, honestly, being the main focus of everything always felt really good and right—like it was meant to be for me. Growing up I had everything to make it possible for me to stand out: the personality, the charisma, what my teachers called the ‘spark’, the talents, the easygoing nature, etc. So, it was never hard for me to fit in anywhere and always have massive crowds of people after or with me at all times. Continue reading “Music Turned Into Writing: I don’t want to be you anymore”


31 Day Blog Challenge–Days 4-9

These past days I was supposed to write every day for my blog challenge, but I didn’t want to post something every day with just one or two sentences, so I’ve decided that I will do these challenges in clusters of days, depending on how much is asked of me to be shared.


Day 4: My guilty pleasure Continue reading “31 Day Blog Challenge–Days 4-9”