To my mother

She was the light I saw

When I first opened my eyes.


She was the one who took me

In her arms

And taught me how to live

And how to love

And how to die.


She’s the one who gave me comfort

When I cried for the first time;

The one who dried my tears

When I felt alone at night.


She’s the only one who has seen me–

Her eyes as bright and clear

As the greatest shining star–

And loved me for who I truly am.


Her touch, gentle and feminine,

Opened the gates to my heart

And saw what was hidden inside.


She is my only one true love,

The one for who I would die.

And in honor of her heart

I’ll always keep her in mine.



I decided to post this today in honor of International Women’s Day. Enjoy!


The Blacklist

The street is filthy. As I walk through it, I can’t help but scrunch my face in disgust when my nostrils fill up with that wretched smell coming from the trash scattered all over the sidewalk. “I simply can’t believe that I have to meet this man at such a gruesome place,” I think to myself as I stop next to some shop called ‘Things n Stuff’ to wait for the aforementioned. I take my phone out of my soft brown coat’s pocket to distract myself from all the commotion around me, but I can’t seem to concentrate on it with all the noise around me—dogs barking ceaselessly, women screaming at each other, cars honking loudly. I then decide to call him. “Hey it’s me. Where are you?” Continue reading “The Blacklist”

Music Turned Into Writing: I don’t want to be you anymore

I’ve always wanted to be the star of the show. It might sound narcissistic but, honestly, being the main focus of everything always felt really good and right—like it was meant to be for me. Growing up I had everything to make it possible for me to stand out: the personality, the charisma, what my teachers called the ‘spark’, the talents, the easygoing nature, etc. So, it was never hard for me to fit in anywhere and always have massive crowds of people after or with me at all times. Continue reading “Music Turned Into Writing: I don’t want to be you anymore”

‘The Beauty Behind Poetry’s Depth’ Series: Part 2

I wrote this poem some time ago while I was thinking about a person that was special to me. It was sort of inspired by one of my favorite songs: Electric Love by BØRNS. I also tried to maintain Continue reading “‘The Beauty Behind Poetry’s Depth’ Series: Part 2”