Humans of MLEC: Moving to a New Country

Melissa Noda
Cambridge-Global Studies

“It all started when my uncle came from Cuba on a boat–he spent three days in the sea–and then he came here… five years passed and he became a citizen and claimed my dad. By then my dad was already married to my mom and they had me, too, so two years after he claimed us, we did the interview and all it was accepted, so five months later it was time for us to come here. From that day at the airport, I can remember my mom and my dad’s family. We thought we would leave on time, but all the flights were late; we were supposed to leave at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, but the plane left Cuba at around 1 in the morning of the next day. We arrived in the United States at like 2 something in the morning, and it all felt so overwhelming. I also remember that it was really cold, but I don’t know if it was because of the nerves or if it was actually cold… it was at night, too, so all the lights in the keys and everything was beautiful. Even though it was a really big change, I was really happy. “


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