Music Turned Into Writing: Stressed Out

My chest hurts and it’s not from a heart attack; it’s from a heartbreak.

Cliche, right?

But it’s not really because of a break-up or a sad event–it’s from the inevitable feeling that I get every time I feel left out.

It’s kind of dumb, really. I mean, I shouldn’t even be feeling like this–I have no right to.

Realizing that makes my heart ache even more.

I really don’t like that feeling.

I have no other words to express how I feel in other than those: “I don’t like it.”

It feels like someone intentionally took their sweet time to walk all over my chest.

It feels wrong, hurtful, bad.

It feels like I’ve failed again.

I’ve been left out yet again. I’ve been forgotten yet again.

The phrase is overused, but I truly feel invisible.

I want to show me–everything that makes up me. Karla. The good and the bad. Just Karla.

And it feels like I’m taking no step forwards and four back.

It feels like I can’t push myself to do anything right at this point.


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