Bandersnatch: Could This Mean A Revolution?

Just a few days before we kicked off the year 2019, Netflix’s show Black Mirror came out with a new film, but instead of being their usual one-hour (more or less) episodes, they decided to do something completely new: a movie–an interactive one at that.

Well, it’s not completely new, per se, (The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Detroit: Become Human, God of War, Life is Strange 2, and many others are also interactive movies).

But what does it mean by interactive? Well, if you somehow haven’t played the movie, then the answer may come off as shocking, just like it did to many viewers. It is labeled interactive because you can choose what the main character, Stefan, does throughout the movie (even though you only get two options at a time), thus leading you to completely different endings depending on the options you chose.

And it’s exciting for many people to get this new form of entertainment that hasn’t been done as often before–yes there are choose-your-own-adventure books, but there had never been many animated films that did such a thing (unless you consider games movies.)

Black Mirror is known for its complex, abstract, futuristic and tragic themes, and Bandersnatch is no different, but either way, it has sparked more controversy among its viewers than any other episode from the show.

Some claim that the film is an absolute masterpiece and a revolutionizing piece of art that has started some sort of movement that will lead us to a completely new way of watching television; others claim it’s just a ripoff of many books that have similar plots and that it’s just designed like a game and it’s nothing special. And while many game critics like Slash Film have called the movie a thing that insists their major and most shocking factor is the element of choice even though it’s really an illusion, other people have gone as far as playing the movie for hours on end just to get the different endings it offers.

Needless to say, whether you like Bandersnatch or Black Mirror or not in any shape or form, you have probably heard of the movie, and the fact that it’s special has made it stand out even more among others.

It is not yet clear where this interactive movie thing that Netflix did is heading or if there will even be more of them in the future, but it is definitely interesting to start considering them game-like movies, and it will definitely be even more interesting once (and if) we are given more than just two options to choose.

Now the real question: Frosties or Sugar Puffs?


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