Thanksgiving Throwback

Before Thanksgiving even happened last year, my family decided it was a great idea to do something we rarely do: go out. For the first time in our (four?) years of living in the United States, we went to a church and celebrated early. It was honestly a fun day and we enjoyed eating popcorn and taking pictures everywhere and I hope we do it again next year.

As soon as we parked our car and walked toward the entrance, we spotted this family posing for pictures and it was honestly adorable to watch.
As can be seen, many people were there (most with their families, just like us) to take pictures.
Many people got in this dirty truck just to have something to post to Facebook. But to each their own, you know?
We finally made the line and got our tickets and immediately went inside to enjoy our time together.
These two kids who matched outfits seemed to still be caught up with Halloween season and enjoy it.
This couple picked out pumpkins together.
The place was very festive and definitely looked the part for somewhere you could enjoy Thanksgiving; it was fully decorated everywhere you went.
Apart from the typical places where you can buy junk food or paint your face, there was a booth where you could get your picture taken by a photographer to commemorate the special day.
Many kids like this one posed for pictures for their parents–I was one of those.
This cheerful lady greeted all the kids and made them balloon animals.
This dad and his kid looked very happy and pleased with their ‘swan pumpkin.’



Apparently, some people even proposed there!
This kid looked kind of tired to be there at such an early hour–I related.
I found this little one dressed as Maui prostrated in the floor like it was nobody’s business.
His dad then came, tickled him and picked him up.
Our time there ended pretty soon, but not without seeing the Pumpkin Patch Princess first (I loved the play with alliteration.)

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