A Journey to Disney Springs (on my birthday)

My winter break started when my family (my mom, grandma, stepdad and stepdad’s grandson) and I went on a trip to Orlando, Florida to spend my mom and I’s birthday, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning there. So, I decided to do a photo essay on my favorite day, which ended up being the day in which I turned 15 and my mom turned… an age she’d rather not mention. For this special event, we got up super late and unexpectedly (because we had literally no plans) decided to go to Disney Springs to spend our day; here’s some of what happened…

dsc_0367 (2)
As soon as my mom and I woke up, my stepdad brought us a cake that said “Congratulations Karla & Iris,” but we didn’t have anything to cut it with, so I joked about having to resort to cutting it with the hotel’s card… and they did.
(Taken by my stepdad) After almost two hours of getting ready, my mom and I were finally done and almost on our way to the nearest McDonald’s for breakfast–even though it was 3pm.
dsc_0405 (2)
As I ate my breakfast chicken nuggets and drank my chocolate milkshake, I noticed we had gotten closer to the famous Disney entrance that I can never take good pictures of through the glass of the car, so I stuck my head and camera out and finally got one. My mom later called me ‘insane.’
dsc_0426 (2)
I did the same when we reached the entrance to Disney Springs.
dsc_0459 (2)
As soon as we arrived, we got to The House of Blues, where my mom ordered a margarita and we sat down to listen to a band sing some blues/country songs (which I surprisingly liked.)
dsc_0525 (2)
After that, we went on a walk to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There I witnessed a woman getting proposed to and that made me happy.
We then went to Candy Cauldron and bought some cotton candy. Here’s my mom eating some.
And here’s her after she caught me taking pictures.
dsc_0689 (3)
We continued walking and saw this shop along the way, so we decided to pay it a visit, mostly because I was particularly excited to go inside after seeing Stitch on top of the building.
dsc_0568 (2)
In there, we spotted these “floating lights” in a Rapunzel-themed corner and my mom and I smiled warmly at each other as we remembered what they represented in the movie.
dsc_0634 (2)
After we left the shop–not empty-handed, by the way–we noticed these four ladies playing a Christmas melody with the bells and singing along to the music; it was a nice exchange after hearing people’s murmurs and kids’ screams and tantrums all around us.
dsc_0730 (2)
It seemed like our music-filled day was over, but then I heard these guys from afar playing one of my favorite songs: ‘Livin’ on a prayer’ by Bon Jovi. I, sadly, seemed to be the only one in the entire crowd who actually knew the song, but I still had a blast screaming the full lyrics.
dsc_0850 (2)
It was late already and no one had properly eaten anything and our feet were aching from walking everywhere for so long, so we decided to finally leave Disney Springs and find somewhere to eat on our way to the hotel, but as we got closer to the exit we spotted this place; it was Cuban, so we stayed.
dsc_0784 (2)
As soon as we entered, they took our names and told us to wait seated on a bar, but I heard salsa so I couldn’t stay seated. I let myself be guided by the loud sound of the music and eventually saw about four pairs of dancers moving along to a beautiful choreography they were performing for the customers, so I obviously had to join.
dsc_0813 (2)
Seeing their cheerful expressions made me incredibly happy and I forgot all of the pain in my feet and my hunger as I danced the night away.

That day was absolutely everything I could’ve asked for.


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