Friend Reunions

Friendships are a powerful concept. Whether we like it or not, we make friends throughout our entire lives, and they all affect us in one way or another.

We rely on our friends every day without even realizing it: to copy a homework assignment you procrastinated on, to mark your spot in a busy line, to ask for their opinions on how you look, to give you support when you’re feeling down. Taking all of this into account, imagine how it would feel if one of your dearest companions was taken away from you to move away to some foreign land. And then imagine spending several years without seeing each other in person, only through video chats and social media; and going on with your new life without them, yet still feeling incredibly void as you go through your days, because nothing is like it used to anymore and you miss that person so badly.

Then imagine the day when you finally meet each other again–two pairs of eyes meet; two bodies move toward each other like magnets; two pairs off arms warmly wrap around each other, like they were truly meant to be there together at that very moment; two friends finally meet one more.


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