Humans of MLEC: A Coming Out to Remember

From an interview with Angelica Abreu (Freshman)

“My dad texted me and he was like ‘if you wanna talk to me, just know that I’m here,’ so I was like ‘what?’ I thought he was talking about my brother or something and then he goes ‘yeah you can talk to me, I’m here.’ So then I called him and he goes ‘I saw the texts you sent Nick (my step brother)’ and I said ‘what texts?’ and he said ‘the one that you sent where you came out,’ so I told him ‘um, we’ll talk about that later’ and then hung up.

“I got on my bus and went home and I was freaking out. My plan was to tell my mom and then my dad, not the other way around, so things weren’t going how I wanted and I still hadn’t told my mom. So when she got home a couple of hours later, I was like ‘mom, let me tell you a story.’ And then we started talking and I was freaking out and I kept saying ‘mom, I’m-‘ and then I started crying (not because I was sad, but because it was a relief). And then she asked me ‘are you gay?’ and I said yes and kept crying. Those tears then turned to sad tears, because she started saying about how I might just be confused, but I explained to her that this had been going on for 3 years and kept crying. And then she told me ‘don’t cry… let’s go to Hooters.'”


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