All the wonderful things to be thankful for

It’s been a few days since Thanksgiving occurred and I keep wondering why it was chosen by people to make this the one day a year in which they sit down to think about what they’re thankful for. I mean, you get 365 —or 366, it depends— days a year, and you really only pick one to sit down and thank whoever or whatever you want, when there are endless things that we can and should be grateful for every single day of our lives?

I can’t really say that I’m not guilty of this if I’m honest, but when I keep thinking about it I get sadder and sadder.

Another things that makes me sad is the fact that most people can only think of what some call “the three F’s: family, friends, food” to be thankful for when asked; it just seems lazy and repetitive to me. Don’t get me wrong—those who have all of those things to be thankful for are more than blessed and they show be proud when showing it off, but everyone says the same thing, and yet everyone has a different life. So how come we don’t say thanks for all the small things? The special quirks or traditions or whatever it is that your own, special family has? The carefully crafted foods made by your grandmother, who got the recipe from her own grandmother? That one friend of yours who you went to skate with for the first time in your life and with whom you shared the experience of having your pants rip in front of everyone around? Or something like that.

Why is it that we can generalize so much when it comes to the stuff we’re thankful for? Why is it that we are only thankful once a year? Why can’t we find it in our hearts to be thankful for more than just the basics? Why can’t we be thankful for much smaller things that we always take for granted?

Take for example colors. Have you ever heard a person at a family dinner on Thanksgiving say “I’m thankful that I have been blessed with the gift of perceiving colors and basking in their beauty”? Or anything related to that? Think about it: to a colorblind person, I assume, wanting to see color is something that they can’t wait to do at least once in their life, and many of us have that opportunity everyday, and yet it is still taken for granted. The complexity and amazing capabilities of the human body are things that in one way or another we use everyday and still I have never heard anyone in my life be thankful for it.

I honestly have no idea where I’m going with these thoughts. I guess it’s just a way of venting. Maybe it’s because I’m angered when the thought of people taking so many things for granted passed my mind. Or maybe it’s just because I’m mad and perplexed at myself for dining the same and never realizing these things until just now and having wasted my life not being thankful for all the gifts that life itself has bestowed upon me. Maybe it’s time we all give a little thanks everyday for all the wonderful things we can be thankful for.


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