And I Can’t Help But Think: What Will Become of Us?

Just as a warning, I will say this: this is my own opinion and if you believe otherwise, then that’s your own opinion, which I respect, so respect mine the same way.


This year’s Midterm elections took place yesterday, November 6, 2018. From 7 pm all the way until 2 am of today, I spent my time anxiously, eyes glued to my phone’s screen to check if I got any Twitter alerts that announce the winners for Florida’s gubernatorial and senatorial races.

Turns out that the apparent winners were those who I had constantly prayed wouldn’t win since I become appraised of these elections overall. I was extremely devastated, concerned and outraged at the results (even though the votes for the senatorial race are being recounted).

We could’ve ended up obtaining our ever first black governor for this state, we could’ve made a historical political change for Florida and finally end its “purple” yet very red reign, we could’ve had an even greater change in government that could end the current president’s whatever way of commanding of his is.

Now, let me explain my extreme opposition to the elected candidates. Starting with the gubernatorial race, which Ronald DeSantis seems to have won.

I am already angry enough at his campaign ad, which to be honest, portrayed him as what he really is: a Trump idolizer, or someone who one might even call Trump 2.0 or mini Trump, but still disgusts me. His ad not only made me feel worried for the poor baby–which I assume is his–that he made “build the wall” as a way to play with it and show his gross ideal of wanting to create these borders around the United States away, even though these people are seeking from asylum in a safe place where they could possibly restart their lives and even aid their children–which violates the third article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that states that “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”

Him and the other one of Trump’s pets, red tide Rick, are also pro-life, which means they’re against abortion in  any shape or form even though no one cares about their opinion because they’re not women and those are clearly not their bodies to choose what to do with, so who are they to even want to control women like that.

This genius also wants to cut taxes but at the same time support small businesses, pass the 80% classroom spending plan, help recover our beaches and resources (which, by the way, the money needed for all these things comes from taxes), and at the same time keep Florida as one of the lowest tax states in the nation. My question is: Mr. SeSantis how will you accomplish that without miserably falling to your inevitable failure?

For Rick Scott, I have honestly nothing to say because everyone else has said everything there is to say about him: he screwed up Florida’s environment, stole money from Medicaid/Medicare, is not a scientist so how could he ever possibly believe in climate change. But, oh well.

I am just concerned about what will happen to Florida now that these two big idiots are in charge of representing Florida. Are we really going to end sanctuary cities, ban Obamacare, and completely close off the borders to prevent those in need from getting help?

What has become of this country and why am I losing more hope for it and any success we could ever possibly achieve at this point?