The Reason Behind the Purge Show’s Success

It was announced not too long ago that the gamut of the Purge movies that fans thought had ended in 2016 was coming back, and this time it would be continued by a TV show that would air in the last months of 2018.

The series came out on September 4th and, so far, it has gotten mixed reactions, though most have been positive. Some people claim it hasn’t been interesting enough, while others say it seems very violent, exciting and mind-blowing.

The entire franchise seems to pique teenagers the most (most likely because they like the overall intense, gory and defying nature of it all.)

“I think the Purge is really popular among teenagers because it’s fun… to teenagers, violence is entertainment, and it’s interesting to see how the purge could become a reality. It’s also scary, and we usually like scary movies… It’s fun to imagine what could happen if we could all just do as we desired with no consequences, I guess,” says high school sophomore Thalia Llago, who is a loyal fan of the Purge series.

Although one might think that these are the only reasons why the entire series is so well known and enjoyable, there is one crucial factor that contributes to the series’ success: its implied yet blunt messages that portray our government’s flaws.

According to the original story that explains why the Purge became a thing in the first place, the reasoning behind it all came from the NFFA ( New Founding Fathers of America), which was a political organization created to “stabilize the American society.” To accomplish this goal, they came up with an idea to kill off a significant portion of America’s lowest-income communities: the Purge.

With this new idea of theirs, they could rid themselves of the “burdens of the country,” while the rich—especially the white ones—have nothing to worry about and the middle class was left to buy as many security methods from the government as they could, which would make the economy skyrocket.

Economy and classism are not the only controversial topics that the Purge series has touched: even more scandalous issues like racism and recent politics have appeared on the franchise.

In the latest movie, The First Purge, racism was an issue that was highlighted and focused on. Events similar to the protests and burnings in Charlottesville occurred in the film, but it was at a black church.

Mentions of the NRA and criticism related to Trump’s era have not gone by unnoticed, either; especially when the entire series has shown the dangers of making weapons available for almost everyone, as well as many politicians’ carelessness towards this issue.

It is no wonder that people seem to be interested in the new show due to the hidden messages from the preceding movies.

Despite it having just started, the show has actually already mentioned things, such as the classism issue, and has had a few appearances of a cult and a party filled with people wearing masks with mass killers’ faces on its first episode.

If you’re into all the gory, thriller, “woke” gamut that is the Purge, be sure to check out this new series and try to figure out by yourself the hidden morals and themes throughout the episodes.


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