31 Day Blog Challenge–Days 4-9

These past days I was supposed to write every day for my blog challenge, but I didn’t want to post something every day with just one or two sentences, so I’ve decided that I will do these challenges in clusters of days, depending on how much is asked of me to be shared.


Day 4: My guilty pleasure

I had to think really deeply about this because I don’t even know myself, but I managed to realize what my worst frenemy (friend and enemy for those that don’t know) is my procrastination. I hate the fact that this word characterizes me in a derogatory way, and it is constantly messing with my school-related things (especially grades), but I love the feeling of managing to finish those things with an adrenaline rush and the thought of me being able to accomplish the requested task in a much limited time.


Day 5: 3 personality traits

  1. I am a very, very patient person.
  2. I am tenacious (to the point it almost becomes annoying).
  3. (According to my mom) I am perceptive.


Day 6: 5 favorite foods

  1. Chocolate (Any but dark)
  2. Cheese pizza
  3. Spaguetti with butter
  4. Stacy’s chips
  5. Chicken nuggets


Day 7: Old photo of me

B8932A79-E04A-4A05-A294-E2011C7E3C67.jpeg(At 8 years old)

Day 8: Piercings or tattoos?

Yes, I have (technically) 4 piercings done in my ears. Three of them are on my right ear: one is on my helix and the others are on my ear lobe (one of them was an accident made when I was born because I moved and the other is in the correct position). The last piercing is on my left ear’s love in the correct position. I want to get more in the future on my ears but that’ll have to wait until I convince my mom to let me do so.

0FE65353-8053-42C4-AE18-6EFA81CCB1A2.jpeg(My right ear. The hole where the big earring is is the correct one; the other one I have never really used so it stays empty.)


Day 9: First celebrity crush.

I can’t exactly pinpoint the first celebrity crush I ever had so I’ll choose the one I remember was the oldest crush of mine that I can remember: Diego.

73BD3BD0-8EF6-4F82-A4C3-5533C355417D(He was always so sweet and caring with animals and I loved that he was related to Dora for some reason. Please don’t judge.)


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