31 Day Blog Challenge—Day 3

For today, I was supposed to talk about the meaning behind my blog’s name, but although I thought about writing it, I hesitated given I would most likely end up with several pages consisting of the reasons why I named it Modern Day Lilith. So, I decided to wait until later on in my blogger life to explain the reason why I chose the intriguing and possibly controversial alias.

Given the circumstances stated, I’m going to talk about my earliest childhood memory instead.

My mom took this picture of me a while after the event described below.

I could clearly see my mother gazing lovingly at me as I made my way up the stage. My nerves were getting the best of me and it showed with every twist and movement I made with the bottom of my dress.

I almost tripped going up the short stairs that would lead me to the place I started to dread–the place that I would perform on in front of hundreds of people whose stares would be judging my teammates and me intently.

This happened during the winter, but it wasn’t cold at all in Cuba, so how could I possibly be sweating so much?

I panicked even more when my team’s song started playing. The musical notes and the people’s cheers and the taps of feet resonated in my ears. I then remembered why I was doing this: my love for dancing was too strong.

So there I was; only five years old but already accomplishing one of my greatest dreams: to dance for a crowd.

It was like the reassurance and realization that I needed to keep going and dance and fulfill my goals had just come to me the very second the music started playing. It all felt so right, then.

The last thing I remember from that wonderful experience is finally gaining my confidence and starting to do my Spanish dance as I led my dancing partners to our imminent euphoric moment.


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