31 Day Blog Challenge — Days 1&2

I should’ve started this challenge on October 1st but I had completely forgotten that I wanted to do this. Steffiandhercoffee was the one that inspired me to do this. For today, I won’t be doing the introduction because technically that’s already in my About Me page, so I’ll do 20 facts about myself. Here goes nothing!

1. Had I been born a boy, I would’ve been named Kevin.

2. I used to be allergic to chocolate when I was 7 but it sort of went away as I grew up.

3. I love all genres of music but country or trap (I like a few songs though).

4. My favorite band is BTS and I’ve liked them since 2016. (Bias: Taehyung)

5. I’m bilingual (Spanish and English) but I want to learn French, Korean, Japanese, and some others.

6. My favorite word in English is bubbles.

7. My favorite shows are the Blacklist, Sherlock, Voltron, and others.

8. Favorite movies: The Little Prince and Mamma Mia.

9. Favorite Disney character: Stitch.

10. Favorite colors: Blue, purple, pink, black, turquoise, and wine red.

11. I’m a Ravenclaw, but have some Slytherin traits.

12. I hate sandals.

13. I’m extremely ticklish.

14. I want to live in Barcelona, Spain when I grow up because I belong there.

15. Favorite subject is English but I also really love Math.

16. I hate the smell of vanilla; it makes me want to vomit.

17. Favorite animals are llamas, giraffes, unicorns, flamingos, etc.

18. I call all squirrels Cassidy except the one at my school that only has one eye; that one is called Jimbo.

19. All the pets I’ve ever had have been Yorkshire Terriers.

20. I love psychology and writing but I still don’t know what I wanna do in the future as a career.


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