‘The Beauty Behind Poetry’s Depth’ Series: Part 4

“Broken little girl”

In the sand near the ocean,

Sits a girl that I once knew;

A girl that I used to see,

As if she needed something new.

I thought she needed help,

Or maybe just a hug.

Turns out I was right,

Because her pain was like her drug.

Utterly addicting, yet mortal;

Completely oblivious to its power,

The girl just looked up to the sky

And wondered if she’d ever be popular.

Never good enough to be the best.

Never skinny enough to be the prettiest.

Never the one to get A+ on the test.

And Never the one people thought was the sweetest.

The girl is now just a memory—

A very saddening one at that.

She has managed to leave

But always ends up coming back from time to time.

As I look back on that girl,

I can clearly see her wounds;

though now they’re slowly healing,

The pain is still sort of intact.

I wish I could go back,

And tell her how much worth is in her soul,

That now has become wrecked

By this twisted place we call our world.

I wish I could go back

And tell the girl she shouldn’t worry;

Tell her that there’s still light

After all the storms she’s witnessed.

I wish I could go back

And envelop her in my arms;

Give her socks, and a scarf,

So she can experience warmth.

I want that girl to know,

And other girls that might also need it:

Honey, you’re so much more worth

Than that other girl that kills you.


This poem might come off as a little confusing, but I hope that everyone captures the message behind it. I’d like to point out that this poem touches of a few of the struggles that I’ve faced in my life and that it shouldn’t come off as concerning to anyone, because I’m learning how to deal with and overcome them.

Thank you to anyone reading. I really appreciate it.


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