‘Guns N’ Love?’

I wrote this short story in a play format (kind of.) It was sort of inspired by a few writing prompts I saw on the internet. It has an open ending for everyone to let their imagination flow and create the ending that satisfies them the most (I hope you share in the comments what you think the ending was.) Enjoy!

[Clarisse: a 17-year-old girl that works as a special agent at SCK.

Ethan: an 18-year-old guy that also works as a special agent at SCK.

Man (enemy): Wanted by the SCK.]

[The brown, dark eyes of the male gazed coldly at the woman in front of him, making the latter shift uncomfortably. The female (Clarisse) finally decided to break the intense glaring contest between them. She paced around her living room and sat down on the sofa that was facing the young man (Ethan.) She looked at the stranger while thinking it probably wasn’t a good idea for her to be alone in her house with the unknown man.]

Ethan: You have no idea who I am, do you?

Clarisse: Most certainly not, sir. Now may I know the reason behind your sudden intrusion?

Ethan: Well, for starters, I am not a sir. I’m merely eighteen. My name is Ethan, aka the Black Falcon of the worldwide known company of special agents: the SCK.

[Clarisse suddenly breaks out in laughter]

Clarisse: Seriously? Black Falcon? They didn’t have a better pet name for you at the company? That’s just straight up sad. I’m Clarisse, aka just Clarisse.

Ethan: Excuse me? That’s a perfectly good name for a special agent! It makes me sound cool and mysterious.

Clarisse: Right. Whatever makes you sleep at night, Mr. Falcon.


Clarisse: Anyways, why exactly did you break into my house? Especially through the bathroom that I was about to use–didn’t you have any better way of coming inside, super special agent or whatever?

Ethan: In my defense, I was not aware of your presence in the bathroom. I had to enter through there because it was one of the least noticeable places I could break into.

Clarisse: Yeah, right. So, might I know what business your mighty self has in my house?

Ethan: Oh yeah–that thing. I was sent here by the company’s CEO because we’ve received some recent news that one of the men that work for one of our enemy companies has been plotting an attack against us and we need your help on the case. My job is to aid you on a mission to search for the said man so we can get rid of him without leaving any traces.

[Clarisse got quiet for a while.]

Clarisse: It’s kind of weird that they didn’t inform me of this situation the way they usually do but… fine. How do I benefit from this mission?

Ethan: Well, you’re being promised a whole lot of money, plus a special position at the company.

Clarisse: Alright. Show me all the information you’ve got and let’s go search for this dude.

[In the next scene, the teenagers are on Ethan’s car on their way to one of the possible locations the man might be at.]

Clarisse: So, Ethan, how do you feel in the company?

Ethan: It’s kind of my family’s legacy to have all the generations work there since it’s the family business. I guess I feel alright about it, but not completely. Since my father is the CEO, he’s especially hard on me. Sometimes I wish he just wasn’t in charge anymore.

Clarisse: I didn’t know the CEO was your father… I’m sorry you have to go through that.

Ethan: It’s fine. I’m used to the disappointment by now.

[For the rest of the ride, both of them stayed quiet and stared at the road. They soon arrived at the location: a club.]

Clarisse: I’ve never been to a club before.

Ethan: Me neither.


Clarisse: So, are we supposed to do grown-up stuff as we search for the dude or something?

Ethan: I guess so? Should we pretend we’re a–um–couple or something to seem normal and blend in?

Clarisse: Uh, sure?

[They both awkwardly hold hands and sit down in front of the part of the bar in which drinks were served.]

Clarisse: Now what?

Ethan: I have literally no idea.

Clarisse: Well start coming up with something, genius. Aren’t you supposed to be in charge?

Ethan: Maybe we could go fake dance while we look around and search for anyone that looks suspicious?

Clarisse: Really? That’s your big plan? Whatever. Let’s just stick to it for now. I’ll come up with something later.

[Clarisse led Ethan to the dancefloor.]

Clarisse: OK, now put your hands around my waist and try to dance and not step on my feet.

Ethan: I’ll try my best.

[They both slowly dance to the calm and romantic beat that was playing and look around for their suspect.]

Ethan: What’s the plan?

Clarisse: I say we take the entire club hostage and search every single person here. If we don’t find him here, we could try and force people to tell us if they’ve seen him.

Ethan: Woah there! I think you’re taking this a little too far. We don’t have to be so violent.

Clarisse: Why not? Do you have anything better?

Ethan: What do you mean–are you clinically insane or just straight up crazy?

Clarisse: I don’t know, probably both? But that doesn’t matter right now! You need to come up with something fast or we’re going with my plan.

Ethan: I don’t know! I can’t come up with anything right now, it’s too much pressure!

Clarisse: Then we’re going with my plan. If you don’t want to be a part of it, then just hide somewhere or something.

Ethan: What? You’re not going to actually do this, are you?

Clarisse: Bet.

Ethan: What-

Clarisse: I said bet! Now let’s go!

Ethan: Fine! Whatever!

[Clarisse and Ethan followed the plan and were searching through the mass of people, scaring them with their visible, advanced guns in hand. Looking around, they came across a suspicious man with his hood on and a face mask on, and decided to sneak up on him]

Clarisse: Slowly turn around and put your hands up. (points the gun at the man’s head)

[The man slowly turns around with a fearful look in his eyes. He runs and gets a chair, with which he hit Ethan in the back of his head and makes him unconscious. The man then knocks Clarisse’s gun out of her hand. Clarisse and the man fight until she runs to grab her gun and points it at him while he’s on the floor.]

Man: Please don’t kill me! I’ve only been trying to hide to protect myself. I’m not the bad guy you’re looking for, the real bad guy is-

Clarisse: Shut up! I will not hesitate to shoot you in the head in a split second if you dare move a finger. Stay right where you are!

Man: But please, I’m not the one you’re looking for!

Clarisse: Shut it and don’t move! I’m warning you!

[The man then stays there for a few seconds until he decides to try to take out his gun from his jacket’s pocket. Clarisse immediately sees and shoots him in the head. His body falls limp in the dirty floor of the bar. Clarisse gets close to him to check if he’s dead; he is. She then pulls on his hoodie and mask. Clarisse gasped. It was Jack, the CEO of their company. Clarisse shifted her gaze at Ethan’s unconscious body and decided to wake him up.]

Ethan: Ugh. My head is killing me. What happened?

Clarisse: Um, I caught the bad guy.

Ethan: That’s great! Who was he?

[Clarisse looked around, nervously. She noticed that the hostages were already gone and it was most likely that the police would arrive any minute now. She looked back at Ethan and sighed.]

Clarisse: It was your father.

Ethan: What? What do you mean it was my father? Why would he ever–he should be at the company right now. You killed him?

Clarisse: I’m sorry, Ethan. He was pulling out a gun and I panicked an shot him. Ethan., I know you’re probably mad at me and this is being difficult for you to digest, but I was just defending myself and carrying out our mission.

Ethan: I know Clarisse! I just– I can’t believe my father was the one plotting against his own company.

Clarisse: I know. I’m so sorry.

Ethan: Can I get a hug? I’m just too shocked.

[Clarisse goes up to hug Ethan. They hold each other for some time and as they pull apart, Ethan leans in and kisses Clarisse. The latter was surprised, but after a while, she reciprocates the kiss. They then part and go back to hugging each other closely, breathing in each other’s scent. Ethan gets close to Clarisse’s ear, holds her even tighter and speaks up.]

Ethan: Thank you so much for being here for me at a moment like this. What a shame you won’t see me succeed in my next mission. Thank you for getting rid of my father–I mean, I didn’t even need to get my hands dirty. You were a fun pawn to play with. I’ll meet you in hell, my dear Clarisse.



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