Boston University Admissions’ reception in Miami, Florida: A Review

Today (September 23, 2018) Boston University Admissions held two ‘special receptions’ in Florida. One of these events took place at Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay, while the other was at Pine Crest School Boca Campus Performing Arts Center.

After having been informed about the receptions, I decided to go to the one closest to me: the one in Miami. This event would take place from 1 pm to 2 pm, and all the people attending–which included high school students from all grades and their parents–would hear talks from three different people related to Boston University in some way that would be advocating for BU and convincing the attendees to join the school.

The first person to speak was a man that provided us with an introduction to BU and several statistics; some of these were: the university offers over 250 majors and 400 clubs to choose from, and 93% of students that graduate achieves a stable job within their first six months out of BU. This man also mentioned a popular program that students take advantage of while studying at BU, which is studying abroad. This opportunity offered to students allows them to bask in the beauty and different cultures and aspects of countries they have never been to but want to study in.

He continued to talk about the vast diversity at BU and how you could be a South Floridian, Christian person and have a roommate that was born in Canada and is Muslim. He also mentioned proudly–and quite often, might I add– that the key to BU’ success is the overall proactive nature of its students and staff. He says that “you have to be the one to take that first step when it comes to anything.” His talk finished with him saying that you should join BU because it teaches you to “be the independent person that you need to be when you’re out of college.”

The next person to speak was Adrian Solano, who is currently a junior at BU, majoring in Business Administration. Adrian was born and raised in Florida and has come back to his native place to do things related to business with his team, as well as to visit his family. He revealed that one of the things he likes most about BU is his dorm’s placement, which is very close to a sports arena that allows him to listen to fans’ screams during games at night. He says that “Boston has a thriving–if not insane–sports culture,” and that apart from sports, “there really is something for everyone.” He also mentioned that work at BU is rigorous, but it has a great strength: “preparing people to enter the workforce.”

The third and last person to speak was Cindy Cordova, a BU graduate that now works there as an Assistant Director and is one of the people that goes through students who apply for BU’s admissions.

With Cindy, we participated in an activity that made us the board of admissions and we had to decide one out three students to allow to, hypothetically, join BU. In this exercise, we went over the three students’ GPAs, ACT and SAT scores, classes offered and taken in high school, and extracurricular activities and accomplishments.

From this activity, we learned that the average GPA that students at BU have is 3.8, and SAT scores lie within 1420-1540, while ACT scores’ average is 32-34.


Cindy also provided us with a video that further explained Boston University and showed some of the students and staff.

Overall, my experience in the reception was delightful, and I learned a lot about Boston University and its requirements. This event definitely makes me consider Boston University as an option for when I leave high school. I hope this is was helpful to whoever might be reading.


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