‘The Beauty Behind Poetry’s Depth’ Series: Part 2

I wrote this poem some time ago while I was thinking about a person that was special to me. It was sort of inspired by one of my favorite songs: Electric Love by BØRNS. I also tried to maintain a sonnet-like format and feeling to it. It’s very cheesy and lovey-dovey, which I usually hate, but my overwhelming emotions were taking over me and I ended up with this as a result:

Our Electric Love

Love. Lethal poison that runs through your veins.
Something so deadly, and yet so splendid.
An electric shock that fazes one’s brain,
Blinds your eyes and leaves you apprehensive.

Its vigorous sweetness enchants your soul,
Which leaves you broken, asking for mercy.
An addicting drug that consumes you whole,
And that in one incites controversy.

But you make me believe there’s purity
Within this bizarre, predestined feeling
That keeps testing my poor heart daringly
And has left it to continue its healing.

Despite these emotions, always know:
I would never change a thing ‘bout our love.


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