Photo Journal: Spain’s Magnificence

On June 18, 2018, I had the chance to go to Spain after having begged my mom for more than 9 years to take me there. My whole life, I felt as though Spain formed a part of me since I was almost born there at some point. Growing up, I would always see pictures that my mother brought back from her various trips to Barcelona and Madrid, and wonder if I would ever have the chance to visit that beautiful place. It wasn’t until this summer that my mom decided to take me as a gift for my quinceañera (my fifteenth birthday).

94264C56-CAE7-4CE3-A5CF-B2D3EBB2E53CThis was the first picture that I took when my mom and I were being transported from the airport to our hotel.

3A6EB5AC-EBE9-42E8-A2FF-C90A4F49095FAs I walked along the streets of Barcelona, I took pictures of just about everything I saw.

2D6D9E16-83DB-4A1B-96D3-2B8C292232FCAlthough everything seemed to be capturing my attention, the Columbus Monument struck me as one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture I had ever seen.




D658BF52-04E0-480C-8F19-49D8CB7BA28BI took this picture from the restaurant at the very top floor of El Corte Inglés.


E5B8AF87-ADD2-495A-807A-A9282DF61601I also took pictures of the most common use of transportation in Spain (and pretty much all of Europe), which I had to use pretty much every day to visit all the places I went to.


5C60445F-1E74-4903-AEA3-CEF94C12DF95This picture and the last one are of La Sagrada Familia, a place that has been under construction since the architect that designed it (Antonio Gaudí) started it in 1882, and will most likely not be finished until 2026.

8A0F4FD9-55ED-4D41-9033-4F8FD85DCCACI took this picture as my mom and I was walking to our next destination: Park Güell.




301A81A9-67B4-46B4-B73B-FF54E064BEBCThese last four pictures were taken by me at Montserrat, the day before I had to leave Spain.

My experience in this foreign, yet open, alluring and inviting country was wonderful. I fell in love with this place; I fell in love with the architecture, the people, the overall freedom I felt just walking through the tourist-filled streets and stores. I hope I’ll get the chance to go again in the future and maybe visit Madrid or Ibiza.


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