‘The Beauty Behind Poetry’s Depth’ Series: Part 1


Speak if you must, but there’s no time to explain,

Or to rejoice in harmony or cry in despair;

To exult amongst flowers and enjoy their smell;

To ponder the difference between heaven and hell.

Speak if you must, but wouldn’t it be best

To enjoy this moment and not mind our debts,

Focus on living and disregard death’s inevitability,

Relish our time for experiencing, rather than search for stability.

Speak if you must, but the world’s out there from your protective covers,

Waiting for the perfect moment to show off its colors,

To offer you a taste of human emotion,

To incite in you the want for individuality, and not just hopeless devotion.

So, bear in mind, and speak if you must,

But old age will come, and you’ll eventually turn into dust.

And when you go, everything you’ve done will become waste,

So experience life now, and don’t worry about the rest.

I wrote this poem last year for my English class. It was supposed to resemble another poem of our choice. I chose Dust if You Must by Mrs. Rose Milligan. I loved the simple, yet intense message behind it. I feel like it portrayed beautifully the importance of time and how fast it slips through our fingers; how every second we get closer to our end without even noticing. Through my “re-writing” of this poem, I tried to keep the same message and writing style as professional and clear as Mrs. Rose had. I hope you enjoyed my poem and give it some criticism because there’s always room to improve.


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